Services Provided

 Mediator Services
Family/Divorce Mediation*
Parenting Plan Development*
Supervised Visitation
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
Supervised Exchanged

Education, Coaching, and Consultation
Initial Consultation and Assessment

Co-Parenting and Parenting Services*
— Education
— Consultation
— Coaching
Divorce Coaching*
Adjustment Coaching*
Conflict Coaching

Court-Order Services
Initial Consultation and Assessment*
Co-Parenting Education*
Parenting Education
Court-Appointed Parent Coordination
Supervised Visitation
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
Supervised Child Exchange
Family Reintegration Therapy

Therapy Services
Comprehensive Assessment*
Individual Counseling*
Couples Counseling*
Discernment Counseling*
Family Therapy
Family Reintegration Therapy
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

* These services may also be provided through videoconferencing following discussion with our staff
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For more information, please call (504) 363-7449,  Monday – Thursday between 8am and  4 pm or email
If you are interested, please submit an Intake Questionnaire Form online by clicking here.
Following submission of online form, you will be contacted to schedule an initial Assessment.

Family Mediation & Divorce
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